Inspired by…crayons. Yes..crayons!?

I got a present!

I love presents. I definitely do not get enough of them. My husband and I do not usually exchange presents,  opting to share experiences together instead. So, I was quite excited…and apprehensive..when he presented me with a gift all the way from Geneva.

art, create, crayons

Lo and behold…it was not a box of chocolates. I thought it might be. Beautifully wrapped in textured black paper and  tied with a red ribbon. Hours of entertainment with half the calories.

Well, actually who is kidding who. I often find myself cruising the cupboards when creatively frustrated so it’s debatable which would result in more calories consumed. I will save that experiment for a later date and blog post.

art, create, crayons

Do I dare say he is supporting my art habit? Is this his offhand way of saying that he would like me to give up my homely duties and paint all day.

….of course!

art, create, crayons

Caran D’ache wax pastels are just juicy. Just add water and watch…brilliant color explosion!

They can be used wet, or dry, on paper, cardboard, canvas and even glass. They are semi opaque so great for mixed media work when you want a little special something showing through. They are great for sgraffito…great for mark making.

Even the white works well…love the dry brush look it creates on canvas.

art, create, crayons, canvas

Check out the greens and yellows too…

art, create, crayons

My 10 yr old son has been eyeing them, but truth be told…I am hiding them. Pathetic? Yes. Very little in this household is mine and mine alone.  I just need a good couple of hours with just the two of us and then I will pull them out for him to play with.

So who would have thunk I would be inspired by crayons?

The wonders never cease…..

Have a happy week!