Inspired by…the handcrafted office

My husband has decided that he wants his office space to have personality, to be interactive, to shine! He wants it to be a space that people can come work,connect create and be inspired.

initio group, gastown, vancouver

He wants it handcrafted…but is not so handy himself.

blank chalkboard, paint, initio group

one very large chalkboard to be fill with hand painted logos..

urban dig, initio group

Urbandig logo..

He wanted it done yesterday. The day of his “opening party”.

massive action,

in need of some...

That is where I come in. I knew it was all leading up to me, but thought that maybe I could feign extreme busy-ness, illness  or possibly a school outing.

A 2 hr drive away down to the city on treacherous roads won out. While I was able to have one work day down there last week, this week was too busy with kids, exams and very icy roads.

interactive poster, doodle, initio group,

4 ft by 4 ft interactive poster ~ sharpie included to leave your mark

inspirational quote, Paul Arden

My exact feeling...

start up , word collage

some words based around "start-ups" in the tech world..

chalk board paint, clipboard

chalked up go on come.

I spent the weekend, sharpie and paint in hand…winging it. That is the only word I can come up with to describe my process. Strapped for time and unsure of my direction.

My mantra…a work in progress..I will start and hopefully others will follow by example.

I have to admit I really do love the concept.It is a bit different and it could be fun. A chance for everyone to add a little bit of themselves to the space.  Keep in mind that these types meet up from all over to connect with others in their industry, to team build, to inspire. If everyone left a little something it could become a unique and very interesting space. Anything from a unique business card, a funny drawing or inspirational quote will suffice.


Show up..think different..disrupt = success

Handcrafted takes time. Always a work in progress…

My love for art is taking me into very unknown territory.

Always learning…


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