Inspired by…alcohol inks

Loving my new Adirondack Alcohol Inks.

alcohol inks, journal, art


Not loving the skull and cross bone Danger Poison signs pasted all over them. Would love to know how to use these, but unfortunately the instructions and uses are covered by First Aid treatment instructions. Supposedly the fumes are not only harmful, but may catch fire.

“If breathed in , move person into fresh air”

I could only laugh when reading that …after an hour of using them. Oh god..maybe thats why I am laughing..who is going to move me?

Of course I was so excited to get into them that I didn’t take a moment to actually read all of  these warnings.

art, alcohol inks, journal

stamping on canvas board...

Nothing is safe from them. Have been spraying my art journal, canvas, daughters homework folder, newspaper…nothing is safe.

Apparently I am not either!

art, alcohol inks, journal

art journal page

art, alcohol inks, journal


I have tried them on paper, canvas board, canvas, cardboard…the ink takes to everything!

Note to all ~ will also stain your counters, clothing and skin.

The hazards of creating…..dont get me started on Cadmium  paint…

Have fun with them! Always good to try something new.


11 thoughts on “Inspired by…alcohol inks

  1. LOL! yes, cadmium pigment…an oil paints, soft pastels, turpentine, etc…i often wonder if the knowledge i gained in 4 years of art school outweighs the number of brain cells i lost!

  2. Julie, this was a great post! It had me laughing like a lunatic – I spent about the first 2 minutes staring at your ink painting, trying to find the damn skull & cross bone danger sign!! Then i realized you were talking about the words on the ink bottles!! lol!! Your comments were hilarious… “who is going to move me”.. “don’t even get me started on Cadmium paint!” LOL!!!
    Thanks for brightening my day. xoxo

  3. looks like you sprayed the alcohol inks above? how do you get them in a sprayer? I was told I couldn’t do that?? does it work? or do they get clogged easily?

    • Danielle, I put a couple drops of ink in the spray bottle with a couple drops of water. Seems to work fine. I do clean the bottle out with warm water right after so it doesnt get clogged. Hope that helps!

      • Yes it Does help. Thanks. Although if u have a couple drops of ink and a couple drops of water, how do u have enough volume to spray? Lol
        Love your work!!

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