Inspired by…a fresh, new, clean slate.

Still trying to finish up artwork from my big stack of neglected, unfinished, uninspiring pile of art. January ~ a fresh, new clean slate ~ is fast approaching. I need to de-clutter!

art studio, unfinished canvas, mental clutter

patiently waiting....

I am surrounded by needy canvas, way too far gone to be able to just discard and paint over. They need some love and attention.

art studio, unfinished canvas

also patiently waiting....

I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of sometimes quitting before I have put the required time, energy and effort into my work.I understand that every piece goes through a stage of awkwardness. I also realize I am supposed to step away and approach my work with fresh eyes.  My problem lies in that I usually come up with another idea or technique I want to try out on the new before the old is complete.

I just love the beginning stages…new, fresh, interesting,exciting,endless possibility… I love this stage. I love the beginning splatter of paint. I love not knowing…

Unfortunately,before I know it, my youthful exuberance has taken over and I am on to my next project…

out with the old, in with the new.

It’s a very bad habit. It backfires on me every time because, oddly enough, I feel a wee bit guilty surrounded by all of this unfinished business.

art paper,

more unfinished art work....

Do you believe clutter, mental clutter hampers your creativity? I do.

art studio

my mother would be so disappointed....

How is one suppose to get anything done surrounded by all this clutter…its dangerous too. Glue, scissors, sharp needles, a thumb tack or two and usually a big, black hairy dog lying amidst it all.

I feel a New Year resolution coming on….

My new approach is slowly forming. I am going to take all of these “old” pieces and experiment. Try new techniques. Be bold. Add collaged elements. Add hits of unexpected color.

It may work… It may not. Fingers crossed for lots of happy accidents!

Hope everyone is enjoying this crazy month!


16 thoughts on “Inspired by…a fresh, new, clean slate.

  1. You once came to my blog and said that a lot of what I wrote felt familiar to you and today I’m here to say the same. This post could’ve been written by me, especially when you talk about trying new techniques halfway through a painting. SO true. OMG.

  2. I too have similar stashes piled here and there. I get so excited when I have new inspirations and ideas to try, but then the thrill is gone, and yet another unfinished project sits. I like your idea to breath new life into your stash. I am inspired to do the same!

  3. Julie, your “uninspired” paintings seem FABULOUSLY INSPIRING to me!! Your work is absolutely beautiful… and i so love your burnt orange & sienna paintings… and those flower paintings! Amazing stuff… I had to smile when i read your comment “I feel a New Year resolution coming on”. heheeeee. Like the penguin in Toy Story grabs the mic & says ‘I think i feel a song comin’ on!!” LOL… that’s what came to mind when i read your comment.
    Keep painting & posting. I’ll definitely be back. xoxo

  4. isn’t it obvious? De-clutter by giving away your fabulous artwork as gifts! these works don’t need finishing touches…Save the best one for your dear friend who’s turning 40 on the 28th. Give it to her on the 28th and don’t delay! you’ll make everyone happy.

    • You are too funny! I know, I know…what am I going to do with it all? No walls in our “open” house…not too many in yours either!
      Come over and have your pick!

  5. So glad to know I’m not alone, Julie. Seems like I just cleaned my workspace and I’m getting claustrophobic again! Not to mention an equally large number of unfinished projects! Like you, I’m off to the next idea before I put the last one to rest!

  6. Ha….I know just how you feel I have UFO’s all over my house. I don’t have a studio, my home is my work place ND I have a messy husband. It is chaos here, and I am ready to pull a dumpster up to the front door and give it all a rest. Oh how I would adore white bare walls. Clearing my brain is my new mantra!

  7. I guess clutter is like everything else and relative to what you are used to. Your studio looks pristine compared to mine. I do agree, though, that clutter is not conducive to creativity. I end up feeling overwhelmed and don’t get anything done when my space is cluttered. I love all of your beautiful paintings – finished or not!

  8. I complained that I needed a studio because I didn’t like working at the kitchen table, needed more room. I needed to leave things out without cleaning up every time…Ha!. Now I go to the my messy studio to grab supplies to work at the messy kitchen table Crazy isn’t it?
    In reading your blog I think you have become our Artistic Therapist! We come here and follow your lead and spill our guts out. ummm.

    Confession…..I started my blog to finish my uncompleted work! Let’s keep each other posted on that one!!! Good luck to you. Keep us posted!

  9. I should change my name from Glitter Grammy to Clutter Queen. You look pretty organized to me. I think the one thing we all have in common is unfinished projects. Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be to finish what I start….wait…that was last year’s resolution!

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