Inspired by…a paint chip

I am always so thankful that nobody here ever asks to see some of the “finished” pieces that I have posted here in their beginning stages. is a problem and definitely one of the many signs of one artistically afflicted. I just love the way that almost sounds like artistically gifted…so close..yet so far away…

Anyway to keep in the spirit of beginnings which are oh, so much fun. I have started two paintings today for creative everyday…same colours but with a different approach.
colour swatch

Colors – quinacridone magenta, cad yellow dark, vat orange, raw umber and white. I like to find paint chips from the paint store that intrigue me and throw me out of my comfort zone…some very interesting colors here that I would never think to combine.I try to keep track of the “recipe” in hopes of creating again.

Examples of mark making

Do you notice any difference?

The first (pictured below) is all about marks…lots of lines, squiggly and straight.Lots of hard lines with definite boundaries.Pattern.

mark making

Example One - mark making

The second is all about the continuation of colour. Still lots of lines and pattern (because I just couldn’t help myself…my brain just couldn’t seem to stop my hand from scribbling..odd), but I tried to use a lot of water and medium to spread and blend.This will take practice.

Example Two - mark making

So kind of different, but kind of…not.

It makes me laugh to see a lot of the same shapes and forms within both. Non-intentional, just the brain taking over. I also wanted to just keep it to the above paint chip colors..I am not sure why I am doing this. I am just curious more than anything…

So, these have become my designated project for Creative Everyday this week. I am not “allowed” to start any other projects until these are finished. Someone please hold me accountable!

Off now to squint, stand upside down, have a couple of glasses of wine…anything.. so I can start seeing some images emerge from these.

A few hours later…(using example two)


things are starting to appear...

Oh, surprise, surprise…poppies are starting to appear. I just cant help it…

I would love to see some of your marks. Leave a link in the comment section if you have some examples to share!

See you tomorrow!

p.s. I have some very exciting news to share with you tomorrow…it will make you smile…it will make you dance….some will even shout with joy! Stay tuned!


14 thoughts on “Inspired by…a paint chip

  1. Julie I sooooo love your posts…i feel like we look at many things the same way yet from totally different perspectives…love peeking into your world and so glad we are friends xo

  2. Hi Jules, you are having fun again – yay! I am having so much fun reading your posts!! They always pop a broad smile upon my face, and I just love hearing your little creative adventures. Keep exploring and discovering, fantastic marks and patterns and those poppies ahhh (o:

    I’m still hopeless with remembering to mark make on my early layers of my canvases. I get too caught up in the exploration of colour that I usually forget all about it til later after my imagery has emerged. I also have a giggle because I remember particularly from Flora’s class about the fun and exploration of mark making and just to go crazy and have fun with it, but silly old me just forgets. So then I have fun in the final layers bringing in little marks and patterns from my illustrative work, but it’s more hand drawn and very fine and detailed, almost a veil over certain elements in my work. I’ve come to realise this is just me and my own style emerging.

    Can’t wait to see what you get up to next Jules!! xxx

  3. Wow! I loved this post – one of my all-time favorites so far, actually! I love to see the stages of an artist’s work and this piece was a great example to share. I have thought about using paint chips to get me going, but have only found the monochromatic ones. Where did you find this one with the variety of different colors? Thanks for starting off my day with such beauty!

  4. Julie, this is so lovely… Yup, i’m definitely trying this intuitive painting. Amazing beauty. The results are beautiful & i love how you posted where you were going with each step…
    Such a pleasure to have found you (via AEDM)… xoxo
    I’ll be back.

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