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Thank you all so much for your very helpful and encouraging words  during my “lull” last week. Lots of great advice and more importantly, encouragement and support! It never ceases to amaze me that people (you have never even met!) take time out of their life to contribute to yours. LOVE!! Trust me when I say there is nothing better than the ripple effect of inspiration and community.

inspiration all around..

So, last weeks art escapades didn’t go so smoothly.Here I was immersed in my goal to be creative everyday and blah,blah, blah. It was a bit of an odd feeling not knowing what to do. I felt like I had forgotten to paint! I am rarely at a standstill so I am looking at this episode as a sit back, breathe and reassess stage. I have learned so much about drawing, painting and creating over the last year. Throw in a couple of workshops, lots of  tips and techniques from my online community plus my own smorgasboard of techniques that I have discovered  and all of a sudden one has a whole arsenal of ways to create.

Definitely time to sit back and reassess what I  love. What I want to spend more time exploring and how I can integrate all of these together.

What have I learned?

  • commit to a subject matter – study and explore it – morph it out.

the life of bees

It seems I love shapes. I love plants and flowers, vases, trees…nature. I am not so interested in portraying them perfectly. I like squiggly, broken lines. I love the idea of abstract, but working hard to get to that stage and representing my thoughts on the subject matter.

journal page-morphing out the bee

  • explore texture and layers – paint freely – use lots of different medium

playing with texture...more bees

This is easy. This is what playing is all about. Throwing down paint, adding objects, scratching and sanding. Adding more paint. Obliterating what is not working for you.Down and dirty fun, fun, fun….

lots of different texture and medium (thread, ink, paint)

  • Play with color. Put away your go-to colors and start mixing new ones!The beauty of paint is that it can always be painted over. (What I find most difficult here is letting go of my frugal paint-saving ways..)

different colors and marks..same bees

Ok enough about bees, but you get my drift. I love bees. I had a few dead ones on my window sill for months that I kept to study. My children thought I was nuts.I, too, was beginning to wonder…
I  still havent been able to portray the bee as I see fit, but it is not for want of trying. Eventually I will create the bee painting I am after.Or.. maybe not…the lesson here is that all of this experience trying can be applied to any painting.

Ok maybe one more…I have so many!

work in progress...needs a hive and some plant shapes

This is an old one I resurrected last week to play with. I already had the bees,but was having a bit of a hard time with the background. With nothing to lose, I just started adding lots of texture and marks. I think it needs a few more shapes like a hive and some leaves or flowers. Definitely needs more movement… and then I may call it finished. Hard to say….

In a nutshell…I think it is good to get “stuck” every once in a while. It’s very worthwhile to sit back and have a think about what is working and what is not…
Break habits!

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on ways to break free? As always love to hear them! ( you are saving me thousands on art therapy….thank you.)


15 thoughts on “Inspired by…

  1. I really like this! Your bees are wonderful. I think you have a great idea..just to play, especially without an outcome in mind. Nothing kills artistic endeavor, I’m realizing, than thinking everything has to be a masterpiece..

  2. i LOVE your bees, and i too, love imperfect, broken lines. And i agree with Lynn… nothing kills creativity like feeling as though we must create masterpieces. You’re on the right track by studying your subject & then playing with it. Good for you for having so much fun.

    Let your children think you’re nuts. They’ll understand when they mature. 🙂

  3. I don’t have any advice on how to break free…I’m actually not even sure you SHOULD! Let this bee thing run its course! Maybe it is your thing after all! Your paintings are beautiful! The colors, the textures, the composition, everything! I love the last one and was surprised to hear it’s not finished! It looks awesome the way it is!

  4. Julie,

    OH my gosh, I love all of the colors you have used. So cool. You are so talented!

    Thanks for commenting… Sorry, I didn’t realize you are from Canada, I just wasn’t sure about shipping to Australia and other countries. 🙂 Thanks! Kris

  5. Ah Julie, we are for certain kindred spirits. So much of what you have said here resonates with me. I’ve found that one of the best and most valuable aspects of creating art for me, is to help me to see myself as I truly am. Nothing else in my life has ever given me the opportunity to look inside myself as when I am making art. And yes, stepping back and thinking about the intentions, techniques and messages in our art, help us to move forward, not backwards. Your bees are wonderful, and represent a part of nature that is so important to our ecosystem. I love them. Keep painting them for as long as they inspire you.

    And yes, I have downloaded the sketch app on my iPad. I just forget the dang thing is on there. Thanks for the reminder. And, do not download Angry Birds if you are easily sucked into these types of games. I’m obsessed!

  6. such a wonderful post and I love all your bees…. there is an Australian artists called Pro Hart… you should google his Dragonfly paintings and you will see some real similarities in places… I think you would love his work… very vibrant and alive like yours is… xx

  7. So fun to see the many ways you have found to play with bees in your art. I am in the process of experimenting with many different techniques, just waiting for one to reach out and really grab me the way you have been grabbed by these bees!

  8. Dear Julie, Your bees are beautiful, and so fun and playful!! I can relate to this post. I too have learned a lot over the past year or so and have been trying to integrate everything. So far I have been letting this process happen naturally. I think you have done really well with pulling yourself out of your creative block!! Great idea to reassess things and go with what works! Wini xo

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