Inspired by…pinterest and my new terrarium

The peaks are covered. The snow line is slowly drifting down towards the valley. There is a small scattering of snow on the grass and fallen leaves.
whistler, wedge mountain, alta lake
Ahh…winter is here. A very bittersweet feeling for me this year. I love winter. Winter is why I moved to Whistler.Unfortunately, summer never really showed its lovely side here and I am still craving all things summer….
So,to ward off any hard feelings I may be experiencing towards winter I have decided to fill my house with LIVE things.My goal is to create my own little oasis of summer right smack dab here in the middle of winter. It is going to be filled with big, bold beautiful colors. Lots of live plants and flowers. I may even get a fish or two as a centerpiece for my dining room table.
Recently an acquaintance and fellow flier friend of mine Julie from jaeartworks suggested we post how we have been inspired by Pinterest. My inspiration from pinterest is endless. I have posted many times about my love here and here…and slight addiction. While perusing one rainy morning I came upon this…

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Needless to say, it sparked my desire to create something alive and flourishing.
Here is what you will need to make your own terrarium, or miniature landscape.
terranium, minature lanscape, succulents

  • A unique glass container to house your terrarium. Possibly a mason jar or old fish aquarium. I was lucky enough to receive my wonderful container as a gift from my mom. She is constantly cruising the thrift store for finds and this one she got for $10. A steal! I have had endless fun creating centerpieces.
  • Succulents. Water retaining plants or as I like to call them, self-watering. A must for me as the only green thumb I have is from finger painting. Choose 3-5 succulents, in various colors, size and shape.
  • Bark Mulch.
  • Small pebbles,sand, vegetable fibers, shells, birch bark….filler! Small lizards and turtles are also welcome…but not in my house.

The How to…

  • Remove succulents from packaging,keeping soil intact. I placed into container until I liked the arrangement.
  • Spread bulk mulch around the plants, covering them until soil no longer visible.

  • Now the fun part..make it your own.

I added small pebbles and pinecones, a few paper balls and moss. I am on the look out for some smaller pieces of birch bark and other organic finds from my garden and surroundings.

So easy to make and care for, a delight to look at plus it gets the creative juices flowing.
Trust me…this will not be the only one in my house.

My new terrarium accompanied with a beautiful orchid sitting center stage on my kitchen island and a scattering of fresh flowers will hopefully keep all ill feelings toward winter at bay.

Bring it on El Nina!!


11 thoughts on “Inspired by…pinterest and my new terrarium

    • Missed the ones in the lightbulbs..but will look for it. I have a feeling I am going to become the crazy lady with terrariums all over her home.I guess its better than dusty, plastic flowers:)

  1. I might actually have to try this. It looks like something fun to do with the kids! Can you recommend how to turn it into a Christmas theme for the holidays? Now I know what you’ve been up to all day…

  2. I have often thought about putting one of these together. I have 3 cats so will need to do it in a container they can’t get into. You did a great job and love all the pics you took as you assembled it into this beautiful creation!

  3. Julie… have you seen some of those CRAZY professional terrariums? Like the ones they sell for thousands of dollars? Maybe I saw a news story on them once… but they can be SO COOL! Love your homemade version! You’re so cute!

  4. Julie,

    I love it! I am with you, I can kill just about any plant, it is amazing my kids are thriving! LOL! What a beautiful tutorial… I am a pinterest addict myself! Thanks for sharing & thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂 Kris

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