Inspired by…all forms of art

  • Blogtoberfest ~ day 21

hmm, what should I do today?

This woman has~

  • too much time on her hands
  • leftover paint that she cant bare to waste
  • a problem with procrastination
  • too many years spent in ski boots
  • influential teenage daughters
  • 10 more days of Blogtoberfest
  • to come up with a halloween costume fast

Or maybe she just has a dream of being somewhere sunny with a warm gentle breeze. The sound of surf softly in the backgound.The sweet taste of mango and papaya fresh off the tree.Sand under her feet….

Back to my happy place….


5 thoughts on “Inspired by…all forms of art

  1. Your posts always make me smile. A kindred spirit for sure. I don’t have a daughter. I have a son. And funny thing is, I think I influence him. I have a tattoo and now he wants one. We are going together to get his first and my second.

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