Inspired by…gratitude

love all my teenage girls

Thankful for ~

Thankful for my family. Energetic, enthusiastic and ever-changing. Willing to roll with the flow . Willing to sleep in closets and cushions on the floor. Willing to experience different cultures and different facets of life. Always willing to accept and adapt to change.Willing to laugh at their own expense.

Thankful for my friends.Near and far. My old-time friends who had the patience and passion to deal with all the drama that one invites growing up. My new friends who have been here for all the joy and wonder experienced on the bumpy road of life. My “online” friends who are always supportive and enthusiastic. All of you inspire me.

Thankful for my community.The small town community where I have lived for over 20 years now. A place that has inspired healthy living and healthy relationships. A place that makes my children and family feel safe and secure. A very supportive community. Always on standby..ready and willing.

Thankful for my health and the health of those around us. Every day I stop and think about how grateful I am for this.

What more is there?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


2 thoughts on “Inspired by…gratitude

  1. julie, this photograph is gorgeous! i love everything about it– the setting and light and friendship bracelets! and mostly, the holding onto each other. beautiful, thanks for sharing this little bit of love. xo

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