Always inspired by…the works of others.

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 7

I love looking at others artwork.

I am always in awe at how they have achieved a certain mood with color or how they have created a certain texture or line.

I love a piece of work that I can get lost in. My eyes wandering in and out always discovering something new. My favorite piece is one that I can walk away from, but on my return find a little something I missed the first time around. That is the type of art I want for my home. This is the type of artist I can only aspire to be!
Below are a few artists that are inspiring me right now

Deb Chaney - click on pic to link to her site

Deb Chaney
This Vancouver based artist is it! I love the texture, juxtaposition of hard and soft lines and the free-flowing nature of this painting. Deb is a contemporary abstract artist, a workshop facilitator and founder of Illuminate the Artist Within, a course which does just that . I have my eye on her workshop page!

Anna Flores - click on picture to link to her site

Anna Flores
A mixed media artist based out of Germany. Her art is soft and romantic. She has two wonderful blogs full of beautiful images ~
paintings by anna flores
little icons

Jodi Maas - click on picture to link to her site

Jodi Maas
Jodi creates work rich in layer and depth. Her use of color draws you in.They have a beautiful, soft, ethereal style to them. Have a visit on her site and you will see what I mean. Beautiful!

I am always on the search for inspiring artwork..and inspiring artists. If you would like to share any artists with me (and this can include yourself!) please leave me a comment below.

Thanks for visiting. Have a happy weekend!


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