Inspired by….sketchbook pro

Blogtoberfest ~ Day 6

Recently I posted about my love for my ipad here. My love for it gets greater everyday. I do not want to have these attachments to external devices . I know that in a moments notice all can be lost. I am still grieving the loss of an old hard drive the other day…. It was too traumatic to post about at the time, but as time heals, I will…

On to happier thoughts…my love for my ipad and a certain application called Sketchbook Pro. Below is a little something I whipped up while waiting for a plane not too long ago. No thoughts or cares just playing with marks and colors I do not normally use.

I really enjoyed the process of creating this. (those who know me well are shaking their heads right now…flying is not my favorite pastime so flying has become a bit of a ‘happy time’ for me 😉

I thought I would give this a try on paper. I have been doodling or mark making a lot these days and thinking how am I going to incorporate these marks into my work. Here is what I came up with…
flowers for you..

Now when I started out my intention was to try to make them similar, but as you can see that didn’t really goes as planned. I was all free and easy using my ipad, but the moment I got to paper, I tightened up and wasn’t as flowy.I found I also could not recreate my original colors as easily as I could on the ipad.

Time and patience with will get there..

Regardless, the concept and premise behind the two were the same. I started out by making lots of random marks and shapes. Took a step back to find some patterns. Then just painted in the negative space around them.

Once again, just trying to learn from experience and hopefully sharing this with you will provide you with an a’ha moment of your own. Hope so!

I would love you to share any other creative ipad applications in the comment section below that others  may be interested in. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “Inspired by….sketchbook pro

    • You make me laugh! I just used the word ‘rocks’ in a comment I just posted and was wondering to myself if it would be taken the right way. I think so! Thank you for my rocking comment!

  1. I like sketchbook pro as well, it works well with a stylus also.
    Two more that I like are
    Inspire Pro, which mimics wet paint, so you can blend and smudge to your hearts content.
    Auryn Ink, which is a watercolour program. It has different textured paper, which you can make as wet as you want, and a slew of brushes.

  2. Love this Julie! Both versions…I think the reason the first works better is mainly composition…the negative shapes are more interesting..see how those big leaves reach out and touch the edges…yummy!! We should really work on me coming to Whistler to do a would have to be Nov 2012…do you think you could find 15 people and a place to get wild with some paint?

    • I completely agree with you! What is it with getting paint to paper…I can totally let loose on ipad and sketchbook, but not so much on paper. Have to keep working at it. YES…to Whistler. Will start looking into it. Julie

  3. love the colour palette on the first one! great texture on the second one lovely shapes on the flowers. Thanks for the post earlier btw I’ve changed the badger into a bear now so check it out its on my website! 🙂

    • I am heading over there now to check your bear out. Mind you, I did like the badger too, but for our neck of the woods a bear is a bit more suiting. Thanks! Julie

    • Very funny…I was just on your blog leaving you a comment! Also funny about the stamp comment…you know I am tempted. I will never get an etsy shop going because I am having too much fun playing with my art…and now, blogging!

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