Inspired by..a change of scenery

I am always inspired by a change of scenery. It helps to feed the soul, expand the mind and view things from a different perspective.

lava heart

My happy place fulfills all the senses. Beautiful tourquoise water. The sweet taste of a papaya off the tree. The warm, soft feel of the breeze.The sound of birds and surf out my door.The smell of salt and suntan lotion on my skin.


sunset swims

Here, I want to let my mind wander. I want to break old habits and explore new possibilites. I want to take the time to do a little soul searching.

summer sunsets

I wish I could bottle all of this goodness for the longs winter months ahead.


treetop view

Have you found your happy place? It doesnt have to be a destination. How about your favorite cafe with a good book, or maybe the big comfy couch by the window to curl up in?

A place that makes you feel like you have arrived home.A place you look forward to just being.

my studio view


7 thoughts on “Inspired by..a change of scenery

  1. OK, not fair! I want to be in Hawaii. It is on my short list of places to see. I actually tell people all the time I want to move there. But, I leave for Colorado next Friday for five days, so I guess I’ll get a little bit of new scenery too.

  2. wow! (thanks for visiting my blog, btw! the glass bottles…) …so if this is your studio view, you have you have absolutely no option but to create fabulous art! beautiful! yes, a KRR retreat for sure! love your blog. enjoying your Pinterest boards too!

    • I wish it was my everyday studio view…but unfortunately my everyday view is usually filled with snow! I am seriously thinking about a retreat there though…keep you posted!

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