Inspired by…a different way of life

fresh garlic hanging to dry

Long tangled stalks of garlic. Green, leafy bunches of broccoli, The orange of a carrot gently nudging its way out from the earth… the taste is like no other.

fresh,flowering zucchini

I am surrounded by all natural goodness here on Gabriola Island just off the B.C. Coast.

Here, living is slow and the distractions minimal. It takes time for the body and mind to unwind and embrace the quiet. The antsy, urgent feeling of being connected slowly melts and is replaced by a much more pleasant,relaxed, softer way of being. That of being disconnected. A feeling that appeals to the senses.

Here, I dont have to look far for inspiration. I find it within the community.

full moon drum circle

I find it within the view.

full moon off gabriola island

I find it within a simpler, carefree life.


And I find it within the food.

all fresh produce from the island

Here, I want to slow down,consume all the goodness, let my mind wander and explore all possibilities…


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