The possibility of a big, blank page…

I have a wee bit of an obsession with blank books. I collect them, excited at all the opportunity that they behold, all the possibilities…

endless possibility

Blank, scrap style, books for cut and pasting – commonly referred to as “look books”. Smaller blank journals for my everyday to do lists and hits of inspiration that I find flipping through mags at the local coffee shop. Then there is my art journal simply for splattering paint, pasting and generally getting my creative “yee-haws” out. I have many more sitting on my book shelf, bought because of a pretty cover or maybe a souvenir, just waiting for a reason to be used. I have thought about a journal just dedicated to inspirational quotes or maybe one just for favorite art work…

Truth of the matter is…I am getting a wee bit carried away with my love of the “blank” book.

I am drawing a bit of a blank as to what to do with them all…

I need to find just one perfect go-to journal that I can bring with me anywhere…for anything. It has to be big enough so as not to feel restricted in my journaling. It has to be hardy enough to be pasted and possibly painted in. It has to fit in my purse (large purse!)

All suggestions welcome!

My house and home Inspiration

These “look books” are very satisfying to make and a necessity in my world. I was forever adding a dog ear here and a sticky note there. For the longest time I just had trouble ripping images out of my magazines. No more! Now all of my inspiring images have found a home.

A collection of "Look Books" by others..

1. My Famous Inspiration Book/Design Journal, 2. Pretty Chic, 3. Untitled, 4. Inpiration Board

Searching the internet, I have discovered that people use look books for just about everything. House design. color combinations, recipes and personal style are just a few.

paper paint and pigment playground

1. sneak peek, 2. Book of Ideas, 3. sneak peek, 4.sneak peek

Art journaling is another great use for the “blank” book. A great spot to play with art ideas that you may be apprehensive to try on a large canvas….play with font, texture or just color combinations. A safe place to discover.

There are a number of online resources to help you on your journaling journey. Some of my favorites are below:

Pam Garrison at
Tara Anderson at
Dina Wakley at
Roben-marie Smith at

Art Journals to swoon over

1. I LOVE THAT Art Journal Page, 2. 201aj136, 3. Untitled, 4. new journal for the new year

And Finally…the “go to” journal. The everyday journal that contains daily lists of things to do, jotted down material in need of remembering and coffee shop doodles. It is your mini inspiration book – the one that gets carried around in your purse just in case you come across that A’ha moment.

my go to to day doodling

1. sneak peek, 2. sneak peek, 3. sneak peek, 4. sneak peek


One thought on “The possibility of a big, blank page…

  1. OK. I’m inspired. Great photos. Sharp writing. You say you’re new to this? I’m going to keep reading you because you’ve given me an idea. Thanks! And thanks for commenting on Whimseytopia.

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