A touch of Red – photo mosaic

Look what I learned how to do today!

Super easy once I found the info I was looking for. A lot easier and faster than playing around with photoshop. Tons of different styles to choose from.

I have always been intrigued with the different styles/effects I see on others sites. The fun badges, cool link-throughs, mosaics…Its similiar to decorating ones home. Its like adding interesting art to your walls. My goal is for you to sit down with your morning coffee and be thoroughly entertained.

Here is the link.


Tons of fun to be had on this site. Mosaics,color palette generator,music lots of photo effects….many ways to make your site a home.

(Kept me entertained for over two hours today)


3 thoughts on “A touch of Red – photo mosaic

  1. Oh my gods, thank you for this! I’ve been doing it “manually” in PS. Your blog is a little gem. I feel a subscription coming on 🙂 Gosh, yours is the first KRR e-course member blog I’ve checked out and I’m subscribing to it! I have a good feeling about this course.

    • Oh glad to be of help. I quickly added my name to the flying site yesterday, but didnt really have a chance to look around. I am about to make my morning coffee and looking forward to some time getting to know all of you! Julie

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