The right brain vs. left brain way of work

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I had a funny conversation with a friend of mine, Dave, yesterday. He is very left brain as opposed to my right brain..the side that, more often than not, keeps me from really accomplishing anything. The side that has me constantly thinking up new and creative ideas, but not really acting on them because I am a wee bit of a perfectionist.

There. I said it.

I have been told that my admittance to this horridly affliction is the first step!

The battle between my creative, (wonderful) right brain and my “well thats great, but c’mon now..just do it” left brain is a battle that I can only sit on the sidelines and watch. It has left me in a constant state of inertia…and amazement.

Back to Dave. He was commenting on different work styles and just plain…getting things done! He gets an order and acts on it. No pretty write up on letterhead. No spread sheet layout of terms discussed. Nothing. This is in comparison to his business partner who is all about dotting i’s and crossing t’s. He also gets things done, but his orders always take a few extra days to process. He likes the letterhead and the need to get the logo on the spreadsheet.

They make a great team, but only because they have found the balance.

After our conversation, it hit me that it is time. I started “designing” this blog months ago. I have learned how to manipulate images, add backgrounds and make custom headers..I have learned the terminology.I have even been able to add my own html! Every day I think up fun and creative things to write about, but instead of jotting them down in my blog where they should be – I write them in my journal under “things to blog about…”

I can only laugh…at least it is all adding humour to my life.

Enough!! It is time.

Time to START…i am not even going to use spellcheck


7 thoughts on “The right brain vs. left brain way of work

  1. I procrastinate because I suffer from the same affliction: I’m a perfectionist. I putzed around for a few weeks before I “launched” my blog. Had to have everything perfect. It wasn’t and still isn’t but I decided to just do it.

    Lookng forward to reading about your interests.

  2. Well, I’m beginning to feel like a stalker now, but I just had to say that I decided my blog was done “enough” just the other day. It was absolutely liberating! For about six months now I’ve had a big long list of blog To Do’s that I wanted to get through before diving into twitter and fb. I could see the end of that list last week and realised it’s done enough. All the other bits and pieces will get done eventually but they can wait. I highly recommend it!

  3. Wow wish I had found your blog a lot long time ago. You have all the guidelines and so much inspiration here that I have be pouring over. I am sure I will be back to read them over and over again. I know I am bit over 2 years late. But better late than never. Can’t help but leave a note to say how happy I am to have found your site. I hope you will keep writing and sharing your experience and work process. Love reading them. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Myriam! What a wonderful comment to wake up to:) It has been ages since I went back to the beginning to read what I wrote. So much has happened…so many lessons learned. I remember being a tad terrified at pushing the “publish” key. Ha! I haven’t blogged in a few weeks because of work, but you have inspired me to get back at it! Thank you!

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